Frequently asked questions

Why Days Off?

Take a DAY OFF with our upgraded chocolate bites.

They Taste Naughty, but Act Nice:

A Day Off from ingredients you can’t pronounce. We’re clean label. AKA no weird, artificial additives & no preservatives.

A Day Off from the bloating, sugar crashes and stomach aches of conventional chocolate A Day Off from the guilt of treating yourself  Bite into your Sweet Escape; Transport to your Happy Place: 1 bite, 1 handful or 1 jar at a time (we don’t judge)

All of our ingredients are Organic, Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free and Paleo friendly.

Our chocolate does not contain any of the weird additives found in mainstream chocolate like artificial flavors, soy lecithin, palm oil, milk concentrates, sugar alcohol, corn syrup, cane sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

What type of chocolate is Days Off?

Dark chocolate upgraded with nutritious, premium ingredients depending on the flavor. (We have 6 you can enjoy!)

Why do you sell in bundles?

Shipping is expensive! In order to keep shipping mostly on us, and keep it at $3 FLAT for you, we’re offering select bundles — so that you can taste each of our flavors. As we grow, we’ll be able to offer more variety to you, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy our bundles!!  Thank you for joining us along the ride.

Simple ‘n Sweet Trio: Upgraded version of your familiar go-to flavors. What’s included? Midnight Magic, Almond Butter Crunch,  Mylky Mix.

The Infused Trio: Your favorite flavors, but infused with adaptogens like ashwagandha, lion’s mane, cordyceps, & reishi, as well as vegan collagen. What’s included:? Zen Zon,  Energize Me, Coco for Collagen

The Full Days Off Experience: ALL 6 Days Off flavors!

Nutrition/Allergen Information

The nutrition information for most products can be found on the product page. Though we take care to reduce cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our chocolates are free from small particles of any allergen because we work in a very small space.

Are Days Off chocolates Vegan?


Note: Processed in a facility that manufactures milk products. Our products are produced on a completely dairy-free production line, but they may contain traces of dairy.  

Are Days Off chocolates Dairy-free?

Yes, all of our chocolate products are free from dairy.

Our products are produced in a facility that manufactures milk and gluten products. Therefore, they may contain traces of dairy or gluten.

Do you use any emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial ingredients?

No, all of our products are free from any artificial additives

Is your sugar refined?

Never! We don’t use any refined sugars, cane sugar or sugar alcohols. We only use organic, unrefined coconut sugar & raw, organic maple sugar, which are free from various synthetic processes such as the application of pesticides.

These better-for-you sugars also prevent you from experiencing glucose spikes, which are the sugar highs and sugar crashes we are all way too familiar with.

What’s the difference between refined and unrefined sugar?

Refined sugar is processed. Refining sugar depletes sugar of all it’s nutrients. Conversely, unrefined sugar is not processed and is said to be easier to digest. Our chocolates are sweetened with organic unrefined coconut sugar & raw, organic maple sugar. Buh-bye to sugar crashes, bloating, & stomach aches!

Is your chocolate nut-free?

No, we use nuts in all of our chocolates.

Can I buy Days Off chocolate online?

Yes! We sell our chocolate exclusively on our website.  

Do I need to refrigerate my Days Off chocolate?

Yes! Please refrigerate so your chocolates stay fresh & delicious with maximum life expectancy :)

How do I store my Days Off chocolates?

Our chocolates are best stored in the fridge or a cool environment, under 70* F. They do not contain stabilizers or preservatives, so they will melt in warm temperatures. We do not use any moisture containing ingredients so our products can last months if stored in an airtight container, preferably kept cold.  

What is the shelf life of Days Off chocolates?

Days Off stay fresh in the fridge for up to 12 months.

Are your chocolates Gluten Free?

Yes, but they are produced in a facility that processes ingredients that contain gluten. Our products are produced on a completely gluten-free production line, but they may contain traces of gluten.  

Shipping Info:

FLAT RATE Business Shipping

We currently ONLY ship domestically in the U.S.

We do NOT ship to: P.O. Boxes, Military bases, Outside the U.S.

Chocolate is a temperature-sensitive product - we try our best to ensure it arrives to you in good condition, but it is not perfect.

Please note there is risk with ordering chocolate during the summer months (May-September)

We will ship out orders Monday-Wednesday with expedited shipping - usually 1-2 days. This prevents orders from sitting in warehouses over the weekend and reduces the risk of melting.

You will receive a confirmation email when your order has been shipped. We recommend that you check on your tracking to be prepared for delivery. Please make sure someone is available to receive your delivery. Chocolate sitting in the warm air will melt (but hey, enjoy some chocolate sauce on us ;)

To make your life easier: Download the Shop App to follow & track your order, so that you know when your chocolates have arrived.  

We do not accept any returned items - we ship food products that cannot be sent back. In hot temperature months, all packages are shipped with ice packs and insulation.

Days Off is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages

Disclaimer: Our products are produced in a facility that manufactures milk and gluten products. Therefore, they may contain traces of dairy or gluten.

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