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Taste all the feels of your Day Off…Bite into your Happy Place…

1 bite, 1 handful, or 1 jar at a time (we don’t judge):

Our 3 Pillars

Simple, High Quality Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Days Off Bites are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, paleo, refined sugar-free, and use 100% organic ingredients. Our chocolate does not contain any of the weird additives found in mainstream chocolate like sugar alcohol, artificial flavors, soy lecithin, palm oil, milk concentrates, corn syrup, emulsifiers or cane sugar.

Tasty AND Healthy… without tasting healthy (we gotchu).

Days Off chocolate tastes naughty but acts nice. AKA No bloat. No sugar crash. No stomach ache. Take a day off from the guilt & unwanted side effects that come with mainstream chocolate.

Upgraded dark chocolate infused with superfoods to address all your daily needs and enhance your indulging experience.

Our infused-flavors are made with healing adaptogens to help you feel your best.

Female Founded & Family Owned

We're a young startup run by 3 Sisters + our Mom who's basically sister #4

Born in NYC

...During the Pandemic. To bring you chocolate with ingredients you trust

We're all about TRANSPARENCY

...With our ingredients, mission, and startup journey (follow along on IG @daysoffbites)

A Note From Our Founder:

Joanna Benadrete, Certified Integrative Nutritionist

I founded DAYS OFF while on a quest to discover what makes people live happier, healthier lives. As an integrative health coach with a strong conviction in functional medicine, the main question I asked:

What allows you to wake up feeling energized & ready to seize the day?

I found that food plays a big role. It scientifically affects how we feel.

But advising people to “eat better” is easier said than done. And I realized that it’s all about small steps. It’s the daily actions that add up.

My mission is to make the “better” option the one you *want* to choose... To help you take daily steps toward feeling *GOOD*, mentally & physically.


That’s my life-goal.

Cue DAYS OFF: The *better for you,* upgraded dark chocolate.

Our jars are filled with chocolatey deliciousness & made with clean ingredients you know & trust. They’re infused with superfoods, which you can enjoy daily *WITHOUT* the stomach ache, sugar crash, or guilt that come with mainstream chocolate… Because you deserve a day off from all that stress.

“How’s that possible?”... Follow along @daysoffbites to find out...

Order a jar while you’re at it 🍫... & DM any of your questions or stories. We love to hear from you!

Your New Choco Friend,
Joanna Benadrete

Chief Chocolate Officer
Certified Integrative Nutritionist
Food & Healthtech Investor  

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